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B & C Produce

B & C Produce specializes in fresh local vine ripened produce straight from
Lancaster County, available in season.  Ripe tomatoes bursting with flavor,
juicy red watermelon and fresh, crisp local collard greens and kale are only a few of the over 100 items we offer.  Watch as we squeeze fresh fruit juices, or try our homemade real lemonade, strawberry or limeade made fresh at our stand.

Here are some ideas to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet:
-Eat sandwiches or wraps that include several vegetables, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers or other raw vegetables.
-Include a fresh spring mix salad with your lunch or dinner.
-Choose a baked potatoe or sweet potatoe in place of french fries.
-Jazz up your coleslaw, tuna or chicken salad with apple slices,chunks of pineapple or fresh grapes.
-Toss grapefruit and/or orange sections in a fresh crunchy salad of mixed greens.

B & C Produce also has fresh cut fruit cup available year round and we offer fruit and vegetable platters.



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